The place – just a nonsense thought

There is this place. It is in my Life. It is made of stages and music. Of course, music.
We usually choose songs and we listen to them with High Technology systems, so that you can hear music everywhere there.
It is a place made of costumes, the most beautiful ones. They are defined with gold and colored embroideries.
There are broken ballet shoes.
There is a Harley Davidson parked outside the door. It is a dark blue vintage sportster 1200 Harley. Sometimes I drive it, sometimes I can’t.
Sometimes I drink coffee.
There is this place. It is in high. You can see the entire town if you just quietly reach the stairs. They are behind tiny red velvet curtains. If you go up, you will see a door and behind that door there is a room full of ancient wooden toys and dust everywhere. You will pass through the Large Window and then you will get to the roof. Planes seems really close and you will have in front of your nose the biggest, brightest white moon you will ever see. It seems like the planes could draw circles around that moon.
There is this place. It is real, I perform there every second Thursday of the month. At Christmas and at Easter too. We collect money for charity. After the shows we eat pizza together. The restaurant we usually go to is rustic and there is a dirty swimming pool too. I swear, I have been there.
Sometimes, after lunch, we are used to sing Italian 70’s songs. Margherita and Renato often dance together. These moments mean everything to me.
There is this place.
Sometimes it is full of pumpkins.
The floor is squeaky and the moquette is made of memories.
Sometimes the smell of flowers has the best on the walnut stage one.
We have a 800′ pipe organ. Nobody knows how to play it, just M. knows. M. knows everything.
When M. comes in, we yell her to go away, but we need her desperately. She knows this too. And so she always stays. When she starts to play the pipe organ, we calm down and we have no more fears.
There is this thing about fears, they always come back to you when night comes. When you lie down in your bed, when you just start thinking you have done well, they come. But that pipe organ can bring sun when sun it is gone. It is not a coincidence that just one of us can play it.



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